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Level2 user management

The concept of the user management is similar to that of the WebHMI: the roles allows for access to different project parts, while users are binded to that roles.

Use Level2 side bar to access user management:

There will be one administrator, or the owner of the account, which can not be deleted (which may add another administrators). Click the name of the user or blue 'Edit' button to edit the user.

In the Basics settings you set an email that will be used for the authorization. You have to complete the registration procedure by confirming registration in the message you'll get afterwards.

Details tab. Says for itself.

Settings. Here you put an e-mail address for notificatoins, like expiration of funds, broken VPN etc.

Role setup

As in case with users, there is one permanent role of Administrator that can not be removed. Click the role's title or blue 'Edit' button to edit the role.

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