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Line 47: Line 47:
 end  end 
-function outbit(condition,​ x, b) -- output bool conditoin ​as 0 /1 into a bit +function outbit(condition,​ x, b) -- output bool condition ​as 0 /1 into a bit 
      if condition then           if condition then     
          ​return hasbit(x, b) and x or x + bw(b)           ​return hasbit(x, b) and x or x + bw(b) 
Line 53: Line 53:
          ​return hasbit(x, b) and x - bw(b) or x           ​return hasbit(x, b) and x - bw(b) or x 
      ​end ​      ​end ​
 +function outBit(condition,​ alias, b) -- output bool condition as 0 /1 into a bit of a internal register ​
 +     local new_value = outbit(condition,​ R(alias), b)
 +     ​W(alias,​ new_value)
 end  end 

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