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Zelio smart relay

 Zelio comm. module  Zelio smart relay

WebHMI can be connected to the Schneider Electric Zelio smart relay with an extra communication module - MBU01BD, supporting Modbus protocol. The comm. module should be of a compatible version with the CPU ( the CPU label must contain “SR3” substring)

Communication parameters cab be set via keypad, menu “Configuration”.

Below is the Zelio's registers map:

In some versions of the user's manual, the application address 4001 (data model, function 03) was given with an error, meant to be 40001. When creating registers in WebHMI, you only need to take the PDU address, i.e. offset from 40001. For example, % MW32 (seconds and days of the week) is read by specifying the address HR32 in WebHMI's register property. You can check the connection with Zelio by reading time.

To read other registers from the Zelio module, you need to use them in the Zelio'sproject, i.e. to bind program variables to the bits J..XT1 and OT..XT1.