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Writing to communication log

There are 4 functions for writing to the communication log: INFO, ERROR, DEBUG, TRACE

The functions add the message with the their respective detail level to communication log. Function returns 1 if any error occurred and 0 on success.

local result = getResult()
if (not result) then 
   ERROR("Nil was calculated in the getResult")
   if (result > 100) then 
      DEBUG("The result is out of range...")

Customize log output

You can implement your version of log output function with more complex formatting (e.g. table output or json output), wrapping the basics functions into your Lua code (see the example).

Writing to message log

AddInfoMessage | AddWarningMessage | AddAlertMessage(message, userId)

The functions add the text message with their respective level to the messages log. userId is the user ID on whose behalf the message should be added. Returns 1 if an error occurred and 0 if successful.

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