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What is WebHMI?

WEBHMI is a solution that allows users to effectively solve the task of monitoring (and control too) the status of various engineering systems, machines and other facilities, as well as remote control or management of them. On the one hand, WEBHMI has built-in support for popular industrial communication protocols (such as Modbus and other), on the other - a direct interface with users through the built-in web server or through the API to other applications.

Application diagram

WebHMI versions

WebHMI hardware device

That was the first version of the solution, which you could place into control cabinet. Please refer the Hardware WebHMI setup section on the main page.

The concept of the system is as simple and transparent as possible. The device is delivered 'out of the box', without any artificial limitations and additional licenses, in a single configuration that provides the fullness of its functional capabilities. WEBHMI is a off the shelf solution, combining an ultra-compact hardware platform that meets the requirements of industry standards, with preinstalled software that provides all needed funcionality for your projects.

Virtually running image

WebHMI Oracle VirtualBox image

This image can be downloaded from our site and run in the Oracle Virtual Box environment. The image is fully configured and appends up to your Virutual Box in one click.

WebHMI Level2 cloud virtual machine

This virtual image you create right on the Level2 cloud with minimal efforts in few clicks. The functionality in general is the same as for full-featured product exept for minor differences accounted for the cloud running mode (no physical RS-485 or USB port, etc. )

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