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MTS Connect (Ukraine)

Lets go through the WeTelecom WM-D200 CDMA-modem tune-up procedure for MTS (Ukraine).

0. Disconnect the USB Modeswitch as described on the page “Особенности работы с некоторыми модемами”.

1. Go to the network settings interface. Open the Network→ Interfaces page. Click the “Add new interface” button.

2. Set “3G” as the interface's name. Select “UMTS/GPRS/EV-DO” protocol type. Push “Submit”.

3. Select following options:

  • Protocol: UMTS/GPRS/EV-DO
  • Modem device: /dev/ttyUSB1 (device number ttyUSB1/2/3/4/… depends on USB-devices quantity in the system and particular modem - should be selected experimentally)
  • Service Type: CDMA/EV-DO
  • APN: mtsconnect
  • PIN: 0000
  • PAP/CHAP username: mobile
  • PAP/CHAP password: internet

4. If VPN is used, it's necessary to set main gateway metric. It should be less than VPN's one.

5. In the Firewall settings, specify a WAN zone to exclude incoming connections from the Internet. Usually, they are not needed and bring additional security risks.

6. Click “Save and apply”. The settings will be applied. If everything is done correctly, on the Network→ Interfaces page you will see a new “3G” interface with the connection installed.

7. To check the connection to the Internet, go to the Network→ Diagnostics page and click the Traceroute button. If the Internet connection works correctly, you will see the package path to the specified server (by default