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Trends (current value charts) are a convenient tool for analyzing the process in real time. To create a trend, go to the menu Setup / Trends and press “Add trend”:

In the Basic info tab, there are the following settings:

You can select desired register for the trend with pick-up dialog set ( in the order from left to right):

  • legend for the register, then it will be displayed instead of register's title
  • select color
  • change shift along Y-axis and multiplier for the register's value
  • choose left or right axis for the value

In the Apperance tab, limits are set for the axises and trend area height in pixels as well:

In the Permissions tab, you can select which users are allowed to access this trends:

In the folowing example we set different colors, shifts and multipliers for the 'PWM' value ( of a bit type 0/1), so that same signal looks different:

When viewing trend, it is possible to change time span for the X-axis:

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