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Tested 3G/4G modems

  • Alcatel
    • 410D
  • Huawei
    • 3372 - the modem is a CDC - type modem 1).
    • E3531
    • E150
  • Novatel U760
  • WeTelecom WM-D200
  • ZTE
    • AC5730
    • AC8710
    • MF100
    • ZTE MF180

When setting up your 3G/4G modem please check the following:

  • Please check your SIM - card and cell net account before testing (the modem won't turn on with non-activated SIM card, or without funds on account)
  • The modems may have a setting, which expects the user dial the connection. For the webhmi please set the option of auto-dial in the modems' configuration web page.
Due to variety of the CDC-modem protocols please check which protocol the modem has (ncm, qmi, mbim, rndis). At the moment of Feb. 2022 we support only modems with ncm protocol