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Resource consumption analysys tool

The firmware as of 4.1 version has built-in tools for visualizing and analyzing readings of arbitrary meters – both resources such as water, heat, electricity, and other meters such as products manufactured, downtime or work time – in the form of various tables, graphs and diagrams that allow you to quickly analyze and correlate the values ​​of their consumption for certain periods or among themselves.

The meter types are declared in this menu:

Creating / modifying meter types

On the meter type list page, you can do the following:

  • Meter's presets - with this you can add a set of meters you want to compare and then quickly get to the page with the respecitve report. Once you've created at least one meter's preset, it will available in the side bar
  • Add meter - create a new type of meters
  • Edit meter - here you can change the name and the category for the given meter type

Creating / modifying meters instances

The resource meter instance is created by setting the respective settings property in the register that holds the data for the physical meter.

Also, earlier, for the analysis of resource consumption, it was possible to use only standard categories – water, gas, heat, electricity. Now you can define your own categories, for example, the name of the product. It is enough to specify it as a counter of a certain category in the properties of the register, and the system itself will begin to calculate the hourly costs and write them to the database with the ability to automatically generate reports or export to other systems.

Meters readings analytics reports

After you set up meters, the meter analytics tool will be available in the side bar, starting page shows a summary (current readings, this and previous month, last 30 days):

Getting report for the given meter

By clicking you can view any meter's hourly, daily and monthly reports

Compare meters

If you select several meters in the meter start page, you can get a comparison for them by clicking the button:

Downloading built reports

Use the button for that.

Analizing raw meter's data

The tool is similar to the Register's Log data tool, press the button to access this tool.

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