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Connecting to Powtran frequency drives

The Powtran model 9130A is used to show WebHMI connection example over RS-485.

The drives have default protocol option that needs to be changed to “1”.

Pr. 9-05 0 - non - standard Modbus (default)
1 - standard Modbus

With right protocol setting it is possible to control the drive with these parameters:

Pr. F0.03 = 9 (Frequency source)
Pr. F0.03 = 2 or 3 or 4 (run/stop source)
Modbus register 1000h (HR4096) Write -10000..+10000 corresponding to -100.00% + 100.00% of rated drive frequency
Modbus register 2000h (HR8192) Write 1 (run forward), 2 (run backward), 6 - stop with deceleration time
Modbus register 2001h (HR4097) Read actual speed