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7bit custom protocol Modbus TCP gateway

Custom protocol to Modbus TCP gateway 2 x RS-232/485, 2 х Ethernet, Wi-Fi

Operating principle

With the help of Mediator, you can connect a remote serial device with a COM port (electric, heat meters, scales, etc.) to the monitoring or automation system via Ethernet and implement communication with it using a non-standard protocol using a handler written in the language Lua. A web browser is sufficient to configure the gateway. Mediator works asynchronously, reading the required data into the internal memory available to clients via Modbus TCP.

Application area

Connecting non-standard slow devices to a monitoring or automation system for which adding or developing a driver for an end device is impractical or impossible. Thus, such a device can simply be connected to the system using the flexible communication capabilities of Ethernet and Wi Fi. Examples of such end devices are electricity meters, heat meters, scales, barcode scanners, identification and smart tags, etc.

Refer to the modules' full manual for more information.