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Licensing virtual images


Once the virtual WebHMI image starts, it comes with a free (trial) license. It allows all functions with some limitations:

  • Up to 10 external registers
  • Up to 5 dashboards
  • Up to 3 days log storage depth

Time - limited

  • time - bound license, the license expires after specific date
  • duration - bound license, the license expires after usage time elapses

Full license

Full licenses don't expire over time, but they connects to Level2 license server once per 2 weeks to validate their license.

These licences differentiate in the registers count you can use in a project:

  • 50
  • 200
  • 500
  • 2000
  • Unlimited nubmer of registers

Activating a license

You must have Level2 integration turn on to activate a license.

Getting a full license

Folllow Level2 integration menu in WebHMI and press “Get license”.

After that you'll be prompted to select the license:

Getting a time-limited license

Please turn on to your dealer. They will issue a voucher with a license code, which you can then activate in the Level2 system.

After getting a voucher, activate it in the 'Licenses' menu in your Level2 account:

Enter the code from the voucher:

Then the license will be added to your account's license list:

Now, for the WebHMIs that are in this Level2 account, there is an option to choose a limited license (extra button will appear):

After confirmation, your license will be activated:

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