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Control consumption limits

The idea of limiting consumtion limits is similar to that of adapting heating facilities (or other heavy energy consuming unit ) behavior depending on the day type - see the link.

But sometimes you may want to limit resource consumption sctrictly to a certain level. For this situation you can set these limits in a Level2 systems so that connected WebHMI module will accordingly change control algorithm for the unit, e.g.:

  • calculate in advance performance setpoint to keep estimated consumption below limit.
  • switch to alternative energy source

The limits are set here:

Then you choose desired node for the limit setup:

And edit their values:

There are five standard types and one custom type, which can be used for passing any value related to limits to the WebHMI. In the Lua program, they can be read using the GetResourceLimit function.

Based on this limit values, resources consumption report will show actual limit consumption for the node:

The zero point is in the middle of the progress bar consising of 2 halfs:

  • Left (green) bar shows economy percentage, when it is positive
  • Right (red) bar shows negative (exceeding the limit) economy.

The percentage value is referenced to the “full” consumption for the moment - i.e. the limit value is distributed over the month, so that each day have its own gradually increasing limit.

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