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 ====== Time format modifiers used in Level2 report builder ====== ====== Time format modifiers used in Level2 report builder ======
-===== Hour, minute, second tokens =====+When you place cells with time values in the report you need to specify format string for them.  
 +Then the special 'token' characters will be looked for to determine how to display the time.  
 +E.g. in //h:m:s// string for duration h, m and s charachters will be replaced with the duration "weights" in hours, minute and seconds respectively, separated with the ':'. Please refer to the following tables for time and duration format specifiers. 
 +{{ network:time_modifiers.png?direct |}} 
 +Please refer to the below tables for token characters: 
 +===== Time ===== 
 +==== Locale aware formats ==== 
 +^Input ^Example ^Description^ 
 +|L |04/09/1986 |Date (in local format)| 
 +|LL |September 4 1986 |Month name, day of month, year| 
 +|LLL |September 4 1986 8:30 PM |Month name, day of month, year, time| 
 +|LLLL |Thursday, September 4 1986 8:30 PM |Day of week, month name, day of month, year, time| 
 +|LT |08:30 PM |Time (without seconds)| 
 +|LTS |08:30:00 PM |Time (with seconds)| 
 +==== Year, month, and day tokens =====  
 +^Input ^Example ^Description^ 
 +|YYYY |2014 |4 or 2 digit year| 
 +|YY |14 |2 digit year| 
 +|Y |-25 |Year with any number of digits and sign| 
 +|Q |1..4 |Quarter of year. Sets month to first month in quarter.| 
 +|M MM |1..12 Month number| 
 +|MMM MMMM |Jan..December |Month name in locale set | 
 +|D DD 1..31 Day of month| 
 +|Do |1st..31st |Day of month with ordinal| 
 +|DDD DDDD |1..365 |Day of year| 
 +|X |1410715640.579 |Unix timestamp| 
 +|x |1410715640579 |Unix ms timestamp| 
 +==== Hour, minute, second tokens ====
 ^Input ^Example ^Description^ ^Input ^Example ^Description^
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 |Z ZZ |+12:00 |Offset from UTC as +-HH:mm, +-HHmm, or Z| |Z ZZ |+12:00 |Offset from UTC as +-HH:mm, +-HHmm, or Z|
 +===== Time duration formatting ======
 +The template string is parsed for moment token characters, which are replaced with the duration's value for each unit type. The moment tokens are:
 +years:   Y or y
 +months:  M
 +weeks:   W or w
 +days:    D or d
 +hours:   H or h
 +minutes: m
 +seconds: s
 +ms:      S
 +Escape token characters within the template string using square brackets.
 +<code> h [hrs], m [min] </code> format string will result in such output: "2 hrs, 3 mins".