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Connecting to Delta Variable Frequency Drives

All Delta Electronics frequency converters of different series have almost the same parameter sets related to Modbus communication. This article uses the CP2000 model as an example. (in other models, some parameters may be missing or have other addresses, but in general the settings are identical)

Group #9 serves for communication setup:

  • 09-00 Bus address
  • 09-01 Baud rate
  • 09-04 Communication protocol

To change any drive's parameter, you have to obtaing their addresses using the following rule:

  • the parameter are indexed as Gn-Pn, where Gn - is a group number, Pn - parameter number. They are written in the start of a parameter description paragraph.
  • the Modbus address if formed by converting G and P into hex format and then combining to nubmers again: e.g. 09-04 parameter will have address HR904, 06-15 parameter - HR060F and so on.

There is a special VFD control & status memory area, described in the same chapter as group #9:

So, to run/stop the drive you can do the following:

  • create a register with Modbus address HR2000 and bit mask selecting 4 least bits

  • create maintained button on the dashboard which would write 2/1 values upon press/release to run/stop the dirve respectively