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Context menus

You can organize navigation links to the project sections conveniently so that necessary links will be at hand where they are most needed. This links are arranged inline above the page. For different pages different menus (set of links) cab be assigned. Links are arranged inline above the page

The context menus setup resides under this link:

There 4 main sections of the setup:

  1. Locations - sets visibility areas where this menu will be seen.
  2. Structure - this is a view of the menu's elements and there nestings
  3. Properties - these are attributes of the selected menu entry
    1. icon for the entry
    2. title
    3. URL to the resource, this can be one the following:
      1. No - no link, e.g. to start a section or category
      2. Custom URL - for any resource you may need a link
      3. Dashboard - if selected, a list of available dashboards will be shown to the right
      4. Screen - same for screens
      5. Graph - same for graphs
      6. Analytics - this lead to the analytics pages: custom graph, raw values view, register log, user actoins, meter log
      7. Alerts view
      8. Messages
      9. Documets
      10. Recipes
    4. Apply - saves your new configuration of the entry
  4. Preview - this is the exact view of the menu as it will be seen in your project

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