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External connectors

10-pin terminal connector

Pin Description
1 “-” line (common) of 24V
2 “+” line of 24V
3 Isolated gnd for LAN/WAN cable shields
4 Relay #1 N.O.
5 Common wire for relays #1,2
6 Relay #2 N.O.
7 N.C.
8 RS-485 signal ground
9 Data - (B) RS-485
10 Data + (A) RS-485

For easier wiring terminal connector ships with labels on it.

Switching capacity for relays (SSR) - max. current 100mA ~/=, max. voltage - up to 30V.

When using shielded Ethernet cable its shield will connect to GND terminal, which in his turn recommended to wire to ground for better noise protection.

Voltage input 24V +/- 10% (15%).



Connector for external WiFi antenna is RP-SMA (male) type jack. It is compatible with many other available antennas.

WiFi antenna has SMA (female) plug.


It is possible to connect various USB2.0 devices like RS-485, RS-232 ports, USB hubs, 3G and 4G modems, etc. Max load is 5V 500mA.


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