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Connecting to S7-1200

It is possible to connect to the Siemens 1200 series controllers using the ISO-on-TCP protocol. To do this, several additional settings must be made in the controller configuration. To activate the S7 Communication operation mode in TIA Portal, the PLC must be configured correctly.

Change protection options in the CPU settings

1. Allow GET / PUT commands from third-party partners (in firmware revisions of S7-1200 lower than 4th version, these commands are allowed by default).

2. Enable Full Access in “Protection PLC” settings.

Disable Optimized Block Access for the Data Blocks you are going to exchange with.

Check network connection details

From the controller settings in the TIA portal project, it is necessary to take its IP address and TSAP (this is the device address in the COTP protocol. It is indicated in hexadecimal format.The high byte denotes the access type (by default 03). The low byte consists of two Rack values ​​(by default 0) and Slot (default 1). See Siemens documentation for controllers for more details).

Example of setting up a connection to the S7 1200 PLC in WebHMI:

After that, you can create registers, using for them the standard notation of memory area addresses in Siemens PLCs - QB0.0, VW0, etc. For more information, see here.

Please note that WebHMI will recognize the data type for the S7 register not from the register address expression of MW, MB or MD, but from the register configuration, i.e. what data type (Byte, Word ..) is chosen for the register E.g. in fact these three addresses - IW0, IB0, ID0 are equivalent to the I0 record. See more on this page

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