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Configuration reset

There are two parts of the WebHMI's configuration - Project configuration and Network configuration. The project configuration essentially is the 'WebHMI' part, which defines how the project runs and looks for the users, while Network configuration defines settings of the WebHMI's LAN, WAN, VPN etc. networking configuration.

Project configuration reset

Project configuration reset - can be made in 3 ways:

  • from the project itself - use Setup / Clean project & data menu
  • from the network configuration ( WebHMI/Network/ Reset menu)
  • remove SD card and format it

Clear project data method

Fw versions 3.6 and higher (popup setup window)

Fw version 3.5 and low (side setup menu)

The system will reset all settings and collected data. Network setting will not be affected.

From networking menu method

Network settings reset

The network configuration reset - can only be made using special routine with hardware 'Reset' button. To reset the network settings, press and hold the 'Reset' button (located on the front panel of the device) when the device is turned off. Then turn the device on while keeping button pressed.

After a while (approximately after 20-30 seconds, depending on the version of the firmware maybe longer) the red 'Error' LED will flash. Continue to hold down the 'Reset' button. After the first flashing, the 'Error' LED goes out and then lights up for a few seconds again.

At this point, the 'Reset' button can already be released. The cleaning operation may take several seconds or more. After reset, the system will reboot again to apply the new settings.

Resetting the network settings will clear such data:

  • network settings
  • firewall settings
  • DHCP and DDNS settings
  • NTP settings
  • the password to enter in Network Setup (LUCI)
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