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 {{ ::create_voucher_2.png?direct&600 |}} {{ ::create_voucher_2.png?direct&600 |}}
 +In the overview, the following options are availabel:
 +  ***id** - is the uniqie id number of the vouchers
 +  ***Amount** - tells for itself
 +  ***Code** - this code you use for refilling the balance
 +  ***Created** creation data
 +  ***Send** - this is a reminder if the voucher nubmer was passed to the customer or no
 +  ***Redeemed** - if the voucher was activated or no.
 +  ***Comment** - the commend you added at the moment of generation
 +  ***Green checkbox button** - mark your voucher as sent
 +  ***Print button** - print the voucher
 +  ***Download button** - tells for itself
 {{ :vouchers_list_.png?direct&600 |}} {{ :vouchers_list_.png?direct&600 |}}