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Managing Level2 finances


There is a number of payable services on the Level2. Depending on your device which you connect to Level2, a specific withdrawal scheme will be applied:

  • WebHMI controllers connected directly, using direct Level2 post data protocol. This rates are in the Finances–>Rates section of the Level2
  • MQTT devices, as well as WebHMIs having MQTT Level2 connectiion enabled and IoT services. This rates are in the IoT–>Connection section of the Level2

Each admin user account cabinet has its own independend balance. All users in the same account share this balance.

The rates figures depend upon the currency region you set in the user account profile.

For connected WebHMIs

Calculation example #1

The user has activated the following services:

  • VPN + Http Proxy 0.5 euro/day
  • Three month data storage term (One month for 0.05 euro/day, for 3 monthes it is multiplied by x3)
  • Real-time data storage and visualisation 0.2 euro/day

E.g. the given month has 30 days. So, the sum is as follows:

(0.5 + 0.2 + 0.05 * 3) * 30 = 0.85 euro / day = 25,5 euro total for one month

You can switch some service on demand (e.g. VPN, Virtual IP addresses), saving your budget. In the previous example, the VPN service fee amounts more than 50% of the total sum.

Connected IoT (MQTT) devices

The IoT fee adds up from 3 parts:

  1. MQTT integration Enable option (On/Off)
  2. Archive storage settings. The available options are:
    1. Disable (no fee)
    2. 7, 30 days
    3. 2, 3, 6 months
    4. 1, 2, 3 years
  3. Min. register update interval settings
    1. 1 Hour (no fee)
    2. 1, 5 minutes
    3. Instantly

Calculation example #2

The user has activated the following services:

  • MQTT integraion enable - 1 euro/day
  • 1 year data storage - 0.36 euro/day
  • 5 minute real-time update interval 0.1 euro/day
(1 + 0.36 + 0.1) * 30 = (1.46 euro / day) * 30  = 43,8 euro total for one month

Billing reports

In this section you can get know about your expenses in Level2.

Click Detail to get extended info.

Refilling the balance

Please turn to your service seller for more information.

Money transfer

You can transfer funds from your account balance to any other account. Please note you should use you admin credentials for the target account.


The voucher is another option of refilling the balance. The Level2 service provider can issue them and sell to the end clients, clients then get tangible “keys” to the service. The voucher amount will be drawn from the creator's account balance at the moment of the voucher creation.

Vouchers management

You create vouchers on the Level2 –> Finances –> Vouchers page.

In the overview, the following options are availabel:

  • id - is the uniqie id number of the vouchers
  • Amount - tells for itself
  • Code - this code you use for refilling the balance
  • Created creation data
  • Send - this is a reminder if the voucher nubmer was passed to the customer or no
  • Redeemed - if the voucher was activated or no.
  • Comment - the commend you added at the moment of generation
  • Green checkbox button - mark your voucher as sent
  • Print button - print the voucher
  • Download button - tells for itself

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