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Connecting AirPoint - M (metering) to WebHMI

This version of the AirPoint module is intended for reading data from heat meters via the M-bus protocol and transmitting telemetry data via the MQTT protocol to data collection systems.


  • Compatible meters: DIEHL Scylar INT, Siemens FUE950, Danfoss Infocal, and their equivalents
  • Connection using a standard connector (included with the module) instead of the communication board of the heat meter
  • Energy saving polling cycle

Connection method

The module connects to a meter with edge connector right to the extension module slot.

M-bus protocol

All meters are read with “REQ-UD2” request using broadcast address. The M-bus tags are mapped onto statndard AirPoint's MQTT topics:

Value Description Units Mapped to
FWT Forward temp. °C “temp_int”
RET Return temp. °C “temp_ext”
E Energy Gcal “counter_in1”
VOL Volume temp. m3 “counter_in2”
Q Flow m3/hour “hum_int”