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Demo application for Android

If the capabilities of the WebHMI web interface are either redundant or inadequate, then you can write your application that will interact with your automation system through the WebHMI API.

As an example, we developed a small Android application. It allows you to turn on / off the lamp in our demo-suitcase and displays the position of the knob on the potentiometer.

The app provides for the possibility to specify:

  • IP-address or WebHMI hostname
  • API Key
  • pause between requests to read the current values ​​of the registers
  • ID of the button register
  • ID of circular indicator register
  • it is possible to disable the audio click when the button is pressed

You can either download the application itself and try it with your WebHMI, or download the project source code for a quick start when developing your own application.

Download APK-file:

Download source files of the project:

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