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Application for Android

There is a frequently asked question about how to create an application.

If you are satisfied well with Web interface on your mobile device, you can create a link to make it simple to open.
It will make it looks just like a native application.
With this method, you will avoid opening a browser app and enter credentials every time, etc.

Go to the following link to see the tutorial how to do this via Chrome browser app:
Youtube tutorial

Unlike, Apk application for Android it is easy to create without programming at all.

In fact, it is a bookmark, but which will be open via browser (Chrome) but without address bar and menu.
Beforehand, you need to configure your node with level2 HTTP proxy access.

At the beginning should you have you a link and to be able to access it with your phone.

Open Chrome browser app and go to the site via the above link.

Sign in and check the “Remember me” checkbox.

Go to the pages you need. It could be anything, but most probably it is will be a dashboard or a screen.

When you on the page, create a home screen app via the menu.

Click on the three dots icon and select

  • “Add to Home screen” entry.

After that, you will be asked to permission to do that.

Now, you can click on the newly created “app”.

Fullscreen without any distracting stuff. Just like a brand new android app!

The page can be changed in the user's settings.

Go to the following link to see the tutorial about how to do this via Chrome browser app: tutorial