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Project backup and restore

The menu item Backup & Restore (Setup → Backup & Restore) allows you to backup the project or restore it from the archive.

Backup is a special file that contains all configuration of your project: connections, registers, images, graphs, trends, events, recipes, dashboards, etc. Backups do not include collected data.

You can use backups to revert project into previous states. Also they are useful when you need transfer project to another WebHMI.

Backups tab manages backups stored on the SD card. Here you can create and save backup on the SD card, load from SD card or delete backup.

WebHMI creates backups on local SD card. You can download them to your PC if needed. Also you can restore project directly from any backup on SD card or upload backup from PC.

Restore tab has more options for restoring backups:

  • Loading external file from PC
  • Option to ignore version check - the system checks pair of 'firmware version - backup project version' before restore and won't allow this operation in case of big difference in versions. With this option you will force restore.
  • Option to preserve collected data - by default, the restore operation clears collected data. With this option you can preserve collected data.

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