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 ===== Weather and resource monitoring ===== ===== Weather and resource monitoring =====
 +==== GetCurrentWeather() ====
 +The GetCurrentWeather function returns the current weather conditions at the WebHMI installation location. The data is being updated approximately every two hours. The service requires an Internet connection, an account in Level2 and a subscription to the weather forecast. The function is available since version 2.5.2400.
 +If for some reason the data has not been received, the value nil will be returned.
 +The function returns a table with the following fields:
 +^time | The time for which the weather data was received |
 +^text | A short textual description of the current weather|
 +^temperature | Air temperature in degrees Celsius|
 +^pressure | Atmospheric pressure in hPa| 
 +^humidity | Relative air humidity in %|
 +^windDirection | The direction of the wind origin, metrological degrees (north— 0 degrees)|
 +^windSpeed | Wind speed in m/s|
 +^cloudness | Covering the sky with clouds as a percentage|
 +^rain | Precipitation (rain), in mm|
 +^snow | Precipitation (snow), in mm|

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