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 +====== Additional COM ports ======
 +You can add additional COM ports to WebHMI using USB-COM converters. Поддерживаются распространенные чипы таких производителей: Popular chips of such manufacturers are supported:
 +  *FTDI
 +  *CP2103 Silicon Labs
 +  *Prolific PL2303
 +  *QinHeng Electronics CH340/341
 +  Attention: the operation modes such an extra port will support depends on specific manufacturer'
 +  implementatoin and drivers provided. In some cases, devices have been discovered being unable to work on certain 
 +  speed, process parity bit etc.
 +After installing such a converter in the system, when configuring connections, it will be possible to select an additional serial port:
 +A special case of such a connection can be a direct connection of a PLC or other device to the USB port of WebHMI (usually a micro USB cable) directly. Onboard the PLC, in most cases, one of the above-mentioned USB-COM chips is installed.