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 +====== Connecting to Mitsubishi PLC with MELSEC protocol ======
 +To work with Mitsubishi PLCs supporting the MELSEC protocol, it must be first configured the network configuration and explicitly indicated that there will be a host (in our case WebHMI) in the network that will poll the PLC with this protocol. This is done in the visual design environment of GX Works3. You need to go to the Parameter / FX5U CPU / Module parameter / Ethernet port and '​drag'​ the required communication modules from the '​Ethernet Device'​ window:
 + In addition to Melsec, you need to add SLMP protocol handlers, because Melsec uses SLMP services, it is also necessary to remember the selected IP address and Port No. for exchange. ​
 +You also need to check that the Melsec exchange is allowed in the Application Settings:
 +In connection properties in WebHMI, you must specify the IP address and port from the above properties in the controller project:

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